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Nonprofit Clinic

The Future Health Professionals (HOSA) is a student club designed to expose its members to the health care industry. We presented to the HOSA at North Hills Preparatory school in Irving, Texas to educate its members about allergies. The presentation was targeted to a high school audience and helped explain the significance of food and environmental allergies. The content was well-received and everyone enjoyed the allergen-free snacks we provided.

*Image from the Future Health Professionals organization

We created a presentation on allergies for patients at the First Refuge clinic. This clinic serves patients from underserved communities in Denton, Texas. Our presentation included safety tips, common symptoms, alternate food suggestions, and fun facts about allergies. We presented in Spanish, as this was the preferred language of most patients. Overall, the patients were engaged and found the information helpful.

*Image from the Denton Record-Chronicle

Documentary Project on Asthma and Allergies


Using photography, this project aimed to understand the experiences of school and college students with asthma and allergies. Participants took 10 photos related to their experiences with these conditions. This project was supported by a Benenson Award in the Arts from Duke University and can be viewed here. If you are interested in participating in the project, please use the contact form in the linked website. 

 Texas Public Health Carnival

TPH Carnival Pic.jpg

The Texas Public Health Carnival is an annual event hosted by the Texas Public Health student organization at the University of Texas at Austin. At the carnival in April 2019, several local and student health organizations came together to promote public health to a university audience. We participated in the carnival and hosted a booth to promote food allergy awareness. We handed out educational brochures and flyers to our audience, which were supplied by the AAFA. We also set up an interactive game for our audience to play for a chance to win a free allergen-free snack! Lastly, we created a poster board with safety tips and general information about food allergies. Overall, the event was a success and everyone was appreciative of the resources we provided.

McCoy Elementary Health Fair

Health Fair Pic.JPG

The McCoy Elementary Health Fair is part of an annual event at the McCoy Elementary school in Carrollton, Texas. At the fair, several health organizations come together to promote awareness on health topics. In April 2016, we tabled at the health fair to help raise allergy awareness. We had several brochures, magazines, and flyers from the AAFA to hand out to our audience. These materials contained valuable, easy-to-understand information about food and environmental allergens. We also had copies of our own food allergy posters to help those with allergies find alternative items. The event was successful and we enjoyed talking to everyone who stopped by!

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